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Saturday, August 18, 2018

8th Annual BC Open announcement!

8th BC Open is just around the corner!

You can now register online but it will cost you $2 more since I have additional expenses for online registration. This is a plus since almost everyone likes to register online these days! No more stamps and driving to the post office to drop off your entry when you can do it at the comfort of your home online!

Prizes, not too often tournament offer prizes other than Money or Trophies. Keeping the entry at a low price and having prizes that are exciting. So books and dvd's are going to be given out. Last year the rule was first top section gets to select what they want. Then moving down sections by sections.

This year its first come, first served. I'm gonna see if this works better for everyone. Also I'll have sign up sheets of what your interested in if you win a prize. If your rated under 1000 and want a Opening theory book, well that might not be a right fit for your level and might deny that prize to you unless no one else higher rated signed up for it.

If you won a prize, its either 2 books or 1 book and 1 dvd.

If you have any suggestion on what dvd's (subjects) to get. Let me know in the comments or email me. I'll be ordering them very soon!

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