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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

7th Annual BC Open. August 19th 2017

7th Annual BC Open!

4 round Swiss Style tournament
Game in 60 minutes with delay of 5 seconds. USCF rated (Dual rated).

To obtain USCF membership, see www.uschess.org.

Tournament will be held at The Country Inn & Suites, 1250 S. Moorland RD., Brookfield, WI.

Prizes: Non-monetary; Books, DVD's.

3 Rated Sections and 1 Unrated section: Open, U1600, U1000, and Unrated. ...

EF: (All) $20 by 8/17 ($25 at site).

Reg.: 8:30-9:30; 1/2 point bye if registered after 9:30.

Rds.: 1st @ 10:00am
2nd @ 1:00pm
3rd @ 3:30pm
4th @ 6:00pm

Mail entries to Benjamin Corcoran, 2711 N. University Dr. #64, Waukesha, WI 53188.
Q&A's (262) 506-4203 and ask for Ben or benzochess@gmail.com.